Transitioning from Chemicals to Natural – Get Healthy Hair Now

I wish I had known years ago that transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural hair is very easy once you have the right products and the knowledge on how to style and maintain your hair. 

Yesterday I washed my hair.  I used to wash it every day then I cut it to every 2 – 3 days now I try to stretch it to 4 days.  I used a pre-poo prior to washing my hair.  (Pre-poo is an intensive conditioner applied to the hair for at least an hour before shampooing)  I just recently learned this term pre-poo and it’s so funny when you say it to people because it sounds like you’re saying pre-poop! LOL  I left it on for 1-1/2 hours and then washed.  I haven’t made the transition to SLS free shampoos yet because I have so many different shampoos I have decided not to waste any more money and use those up before I totally switch to SLS free.  Instead of washing my normal 2 – 3 times I only did one application of shampoo.  I used quite a bit of it and worked it through my hair for about 5 minutes.  After thoroughly rinsing it out I did an ACV rinse and applied a good amount of regular conditioner.  I was surprised that even with just one application of shampoo my hair felt squeaky clean.  I combed my hair through from ends to root to detangle and rinsed the conditioner out thoroughly.  I then applied my HerbalNature Hair Tea ( I just love that stuff) by pouring it over my hair, catching the excess in a bowl.  I then saturated the ends of my hair in the bowl of tea and let it drip while I took my shower.

When I was done I gently squeezed the excess tea from my hair with a towel.  I then sectioned my hair in four and proceeded to do a twist set.  To every section I applied my HerbalNature Pomade with a little bit of shea butter and then let it air dry.  My hair usually takes an entire day to dry (including overnight) but to my surprise before I went to bed I was able to loosen the twist set and I absolutely LOVE the way my hair looks and feels.  The great thing about this hair style is you cannot tell the difference between the new growth and the chemically processed hair.  The clincher was when my husband came home and told me that my hair was pretty.  It was easy, I was able to do my hair myself, it’s cute and my hair feels so soft and silky.

I love HerbalNature!


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