One Year Transitioning

Well it’s been quite a while since I posted and now I am one year into my transition and I did it without cutting the length of my hair!  I am about 75% natural now and to tell you the truth I am loving my natural hair so much that I have been tempted many times to cut all of the processed hair off but if I can’t get my hair into a good sized ponytail I would not be happy so I continue to hang on to the “old” hair.  I say old because my new hair looks so shiny and healthy and feels so strong and I am just embracing and loving the natural me!

I must admit though the journey has been frustrating at times but I am so glad for HerbalNature Organic Hair Products.  I must admit that I have tried other products during this year but I always end up going right back the my HerbalNature, especially the styling pomade, because honestly I haven’ t found any other product that gives me the look, feel and texture that the HerbalNature does.  I’ve tried Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner.  I actually like the deep conditioner, I’m not sure if the shampoo is SLS Free however so I alternate it with my Giovanni or Now SLS Free Shampoo.  The leave-in conditioner is marketed as a styling product however it does not give me the look I want by itself and so now I use it in conjunction with my HerbalNature Styling Pomade and I like it but if I use my pomade and the HerbalNature Hair Tea together I love the look that I achieve, so  really I think it’s all about the styling pomade for me 🙂

I am so excited about this journey and the wonderful thing is I can wear my hair curly, I can wear it straight, I can wear it in braid-outs or twist-outs, I can wear it in a pony tail and all these styles I get using HerbalNature.  If you want more information on this product go to get healthy hair now dot com and see what else HerbalNature can do.  I will post pictures soon but you can also check me out on youtube at gethealthyhairnow.

God Bless


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