Straightening the Hair without Chemical Processing


TextureNourishing is a process by which the hair’s cuticle is sealed by way of a strategic technique similar to flat ironing the hair using HerbalNature styling pomade.  It is EXCELLENT for anyone desiring style and versatility with natural hair or hair that is in transition from chemicals. This process may also be used on chemically treated hair.

TextureNourishing is a heat technique (press and pull) over the application of HerbalNature styling pomade or hair oil (  This process produces a dramatic change in the texture and health of the hair.  The hair has a smoother, more tamed texture and the benefit is a healthy and nourished head of hair. 

Understanding your hair’s texture and needs is important.  This process on some textures will require a more firm application and more heat than on others.  It is important to note that if you are transitioning, your new growth is stronger and more resilient than the chemically processed hair and will require more heat and a firmer application of the process; the new growth is the superior hair.  The chemically processed hair is more fragile and only requires a modest application in order to protect it in its delicate state; the chemically processed hair is the inferior hair.   This process is an excellent way to blend the two hair textures if you are transitioning from chemicals without doing the “big chop”. 

 The process can be done as follows:

  1.  After cleansing the hair with either sulfate-free shampoo or by way of co-washing you can choose to air dry your hair in a few plaits or do a blow out process using a handheld blow dryer.
  2. After your hair is dry, section your hair into small pieces and apply the HerbalNature styling pomade or hair oil from ends to root to each section being sure to apply it evenly.
  3. Using your flat iron go down the entire length of the hair shaft being sure to apply more pressure to the new growth than to the processed hair (you may need to go over the new growth 3 -4 times)  During the pressing process you are infusing the oils into the hair with the heat.   

Proper application will seal the hair’s outer cuticle and lock the bonds straight creating a barrier to moisture which prevents it from reverting to its virgin appearance until hair becomes wet.  The natural oils and waxes in the HerbalNature products safely styles the hair straight without compromising the integrity of virgin hair. 

This is an excellent alternative for chemical-sensitive individuals or anyone desiring to eliminate the use of chemical processing on their hair.  With proper technique and care TextureNourishing can:

  1.  Tame open cuticles that cause frizzy, dry-looking hair
  2. Allow straight hair styles to last with out reverting
  3. Elongate tight curl patterns with natural styles
  4. Blend textures of hair in transition – new growth and relaxed hair
  5. Add style versatility to natural hair without damaging its integrity
  6. Create polished, sleek, shiny hair with body and movement
  7. Transition to natural hair without having to do the “big chop”
  8. Make hair resistant to moisture, wind and static

Regular application of this process may result in the elongation of the hair shaft and the natural wave pattern in the hair may appear longer.  This occurs as a result of the heat process and the nourishing effect of the products penetrating the hair shaft and retraining the bonds to appear smoother.  The hair becomes tamed and uniformed in texture and appearance, while closing the cuticle to encourage shiny, strong and healthy hair.


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