Trimming Your Hair For Optimal Growth


When we are on a mission to grow our hair, trimming it is something that we might not “really” want to do. After all if you’re trying to grow it why would you cut it right? Wrong!

In order to achieve optimal growth to your hair you need to trim the “dead” or “old” ends periodically. It is important to understand that as the hair ages (the ends of the hair are the oldest hair on the head), it goes through a wearing and tearing so to speak, thus resulting in split ends. If these ends are not trimmed they will continue to travel up the hair shaft, thereby weakening the strands and increasing the chances of hair breakage. So if you allow them to remain without trimming, what will result is broken off hair, which defeats the effort to obtain growth. Whilst trimming your ends will not make your hair grow faster, it is a necessary part of a healthy hair regimen. Note: By the time your hair is showing signs of needing a trim, the damage has already been done.

Whether you are a “naturalista” or you chemically process your hair, hair naturally begins to split around 3 months. If you chemically process however you might want to consider having a trim every 2 months due to the fact that the chemical relaxers weaken the hair structure.

The hair grows about ¼ to ½ an inch every month. If you regularly clip your ends you will only remove about a ¼ of an inch or less, leaving you with noticeable growth and retention of length. In the winter months due to the friction caused by the ends of our hair rubbing on our winter clothing, combined with the dry winter air, you may find that your ends split more. This can be avoided if you opt to wear more protective styles or styles that keep your hair off of your clothing (a cute hat is always a good alternative). If you find that you have to trim your hair more in the winter months, it’s okay… it will grow back.

Ever heard of trimming your hair by the moon cycles? I am a firm believer in this and always trim my hair during the waxing of the new moon. For more information on this go here

Scheduling a regular trim (every 3 – 4 months) with your stylist will help you to not only prevent split ends but also to maintain the shape and style of your hair giving your hair a healthy appearance at all times. In between trims it’s a good idea to protect your ends by sealing them and wearing protective styles when necessary.

Author: Denika Penn Carothers, Natural Hair & Hair Products available at Amazon or at


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